The Best Gas Water Heater

Purchasing any type of water heater can be a big decision, but if you specifically know you want a gas water heater then you need to know which are the best ones out there. Whether you chose to heat your water with electric or gas, tanks come in different sizes and qualities, and you want to get one that will last you a long time.

Tanks have improved over the years, and if you purchase a new home then chances are you will get a tank that is efficient and safe. However, if your home and current tank is old, you may want to consider replacing it. If your water tank is heated with gas, the good news is that new technology has improved and these are more energy efficient and do not let heat escape through thin walls anymore. New models have also eliminated the need for the pilot … Read More

How accurate are methods such as back testing?

The economics of stock markets are quite different from anything; there is not a single predictive algorithm or solution which can tell you exactly how the movement is going to turn out. Put simply there are way too many moving pieces for anyone to accurately judge the exact movement of the stocks and their prices.

Despite all of these factors and issues, there are still attempts made by people to predict and see the course of the stock’s prices. A lot of these tools can be surprisingly accurate and one such method or tool is backtesting.

What is backtesting and what exactly does it require?

When you want to know how a certain company might perform in the future, you are looking for tools which will help you grasp how the movement is likely to be and how you can prepare yourself for the movement. One very important tool is … Read More